Wei Li

A protein biochemist and structural biologist by training, Wei is a British Heart Foundation Lecturer in Vascular Biology, based at the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge.

She obtained her PhD at University of East Anglia under the supervision of Prof. Colin Kleanthous and in the field of kinetics and thermodynamics of protein-protein interaction and protein engineering. She subsequently did postdocs with Prof. Jim Huntington in the field of protein biochemistry and protein crystallography, characterized proteins including full-length human huntingtin and serpin family protease inhibitors.

She crystallized and solved a total of eight protein structures on serpins and serpin-thrombin complexes. She became a BHF lecturer in 2010 and started working on the mechanisms of BMP-receptor regulation, using a range of approaches including protein biochemistry and protein engineering, crystallography as well as cell signalling assays. All together, she has over 20 years’ experience in molecular biology and protein biochemistry, 13 years in protein crystallography and 5 years in cell biology.

Developing BMPs as novel treatments for pulmonary arterial hypertension